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Height: 72"
Width: 41"
Depth: 36" 31" (79 cm) Open Door Depth
Shipping Weight: 650 lbs.
Electrical: 115 VAC, 1.2 Amps (230 VAC, .6 Amps)
Selections: Maximum: 120
Standard: 49
Standard Capacity:* 723 Items
* Capacities depend on tray configurations.

S.S.I.M. (Safety Supply Inventory Management)

Vendit S.S.I.M.’s is the largest capacity machine in the industry.  This vending machine features seven full-size trays and an extra-large viewing window with top and bottom lighting.  The standard capacity of the machine will hold 723 items, however it can be fitted to hold over 2200 supplies in up to 70 different selections.    Sensor technology guarantees the delivery of the selected product.  infra red scanners across the receiver bin will recognize if product doesn’t cross its path.  In that case, the coils will turn again.  If product still doesn’t vend, the system will record it as a failed transaction.


Height: 72"
Width: 36.75"
Depth: 35.35"
Shipping Weight: 605 lbs.
Electrical: 115 VAC, 60Hz, 10 Amp
Selections: Maximum: 20
Standard Capacity:* 1200 Items
* Capacities depend on tray configurations.

The Glove Box

The glove box utilizes technology that combines a robotic arm with a vacuum system to vend products.   The Inventory Bin System allows pre-loading of inventory cartridges at the depot and very quick cartridge exchange in the machines. The glove box is the best option for capacity and ease of filling for most gloves and inventory items that are used in great quantity, as the machines can be bulk loaded very quickly.  The glove box will increase capacity immensely while reducing the amount of handling and time involved in loading the machines.

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